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Uncover the potential of Zylemini+, a cutting-edge Sales Force Automation App developed to reshape how businesses conquer the challenges of field sales. Whether you're in Manufacturing, FMCG, Healthcare- Medical Devices, Retail, Consumer Durables, Engineering, Crop Sciences, Zylemini+ introduces a new era of precision and efficiency in sales force management. Unlock the core capabilities that define Zylemini+ as a powerful Sales Force Automation solution. These key features are implemented in this application to address critical aspects of field sales operations, providing practical solutions for enhanced efficiency.

Activity Progress Tracking

Effortlessly track the progress of each sales representative's activities while they are on the job. Zylemini+ provides accurate insight into the day- to -day activities performed by the field sales team ensuring visibility and accountability.

Automation of Time - Consuming Manual Tasks

Automate time-consuming tasks such as Order Management and quick market surveys. Zylemini+ streamlines processes, reducing manual effort and increasing overall operational efficiency.

Precise Field Operations Scheduling

Enable precise scheduling of field operations through Permanent Journy Plan (PJP), Weekly Journey Plans (WJP) and Monthly Journey Plans (MJP). Zylemini+ ensures that field representatives are optimally organized, maximizing productivity during each interaction.

Sales Rep Performance Data Collection

Collect comprehensive data about sales representative performance for informed management decision-making. Zylemini+ securely stores this data, providing valuable insights into individual and team effectiveness.

Managerial Ease with Smart Sales Forecasts

Zylemini+ simplifies managerial tasks by fostering smart sales forecasts through enhanced accuracy at each stage of work. The automation capabilities of this application make it easier for managers to make informed decisions and drive strategic planning.

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Zylemini+ enables field sales team to precisely schedule field operations using PJP (Permanent Journy Plan), WJP (Weekly Journey Plan) and MJP (Monthly Journey Plan)


Zylemini+ provides an easy way to manage assets provided to the retailer/ Distributors. It can be tracked through the performance report.


Zylemini+ field force can scan documents, click photos, upload images, capture data via forms, take signatures and more with a hand held field force mobile app

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Zylemini+ enables field Sales team to perform different types of professional surveys and collect feedback to provide further decision-making processes.


Zylemini+ provides a dashboard-like UI where field executives can check Information about Target V/s Achievement, Outlets covered, applicable schemes monthly or quarterly.


Various payment modes are available to accept payment from retailers and distributors. Sales rep can also check payment history in just a few clicks.

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Explore zylemini+ for Intelligent Sales Management

Curious to know how Zylemini+ can transform your sales strategy? Dive into the details below and see why businesses are choosing Zylemini+ for intelligent sales operations.

Seamlessly process online orders with Zylemini+ intuitive dashboard. Various payment modes are available to accept payment from retailers and distributors, offering unparalleled convenience for your field sales teams. Experience streamlined order management that reduces processing time, minimizes errors, and ensures a seamless transaction experience for your customers. Zylemini+ transforms day to day order processing to a strategic advantage, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Outlet Management feature enables your sales representatives to efficiently check in, complete tasks, and check out, ensuring a smooth and productive interaction at each outlet. Optimize asset life cycles through detailed performance reports, reducing losses from unauthorized actions and enhancing overall asset management efficiency. Zylemini+ provides fundamental approach to enhance customer engagement and loyalty by ensuring that each interaction is impactful and productive.

Effortlessly manage complex schemes with Zylemini+. Gain a strategic edge by accessing all applicable schemes based on sales. Our intuitive dashboard ensures that your team is always in sync with the latest schemes, promoting effective decision-making and maximizing revenue.

Zylemini+ empowers your organization with sequential and systematic Sales & Stock data collection for retailers and distributors. Conduct professional surveys tailored to your company's needs, gathering valuable feedback for informed decision-making. With Zylemini+, turn data into actionable insights, enhancing your organization's ability to adapt and thrive. Zylemini+ ensures that your organization is not just collecting data but leveraging it to stay ahead of market trends and customer preferences.

Automate onboarding processes with Zylemini+ to rapidly expand your customer base. Simplify the addition of new retailers and distributors, minimizing manual tasks and accelerating the onboarding process. Zylemini+ enables your organization to efficiently scale its operations, reaching new markets and customers with ease. With Zylemini+, your organization can achieve a nimble and agile approach to growth, ensuring quick adaptation to market demands.

Gain deep insights into sales activities with Zylemini+ detailed reports. Identify improvement areas, facilitate targeted training, and enhance overall team performance. Zylemini+ provides fundamental approach to make data-driven decisions, fostering continuous improvement and success. Zylemini+ ensures that your organization is not just monitoring activities but leveraging insights for strategic decision-making, driving constant evolution and success.

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Why zylemini+ ?

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate seamlessly with an intuitive design for optimal user experience. Zylemini+ prioritizes user experience to ensure that the integration of advanced features is effortless, reducing the learning curve for your team.

Automation Capabilities

Save time and resources through advanced automation features. Zylemini+ is designed to automate repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on high-impact activities, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Increased Team Efficiency

Drive productivity across your sales force for improved performance. Zylemini+ is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for team efficiency, fostering collaboration, accountability, and overall excellence.

Experience a paradigm shift in sales with Zylemini+, a robust Sales Force Automation App tailored to redefine operational efficiency. Across industries like Manufacturing, FMCG, Healthcare- Medical Devices, Retail, Consumer Durables, Engineering, Crop Sciences, Zylemini+ stands as a pragmatically, introducing a fresh approach to precision and effectiveness.

With a user-friendly interface, advanced automation features, Accurate insights, and a focus on team efficiency, Zylemini+ serves as your catalyst for sales excellence. Ready to enhance your sales operations? Take the initial stride towards a more effective future with Zylemini+.

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