Sales Force Digital Enablement: Features

Every organization is going digital in many ways. Across departments – from Finance to Manufacturing.
And the most key department is Sales.

Digitization of Sales begins with the collection, collation, and analysis of Sales Data. This leads to performance analysis, setting targets, and forecasting.

And then comes the digital enablement of the most important element of the Sales Department – Sales Team. They need to be enabled for their day-to-day work and reporting.

In the modern-day this is easily achieved with the help of Software (sales force automation app) given to Sales Team members, to be loaded on their Mobile – the most important handy tool!

This tool (Sales Force Automation App) can perform mainly in two ways –

  1.  Offer information while working – the information that the person can use in the field, for preparing. This includes past sales history, Customer Buy Trends, Product Sales Trends,s and Resources to sell.
  2. Offer ease of data collection – this can be used for easy and accurate information in the field. This includes Sales Orders, Payment Collections, Images, and other data collection.

The advantages of such a tool are many.

Always available – since the information is available on mobile, in easy to access way, and anywhere on the go, Sale Persons can use it easily.

Ease of working – Their information is always available on their finger-tip (pun intended!) as also the forms to be filled. Thus working becomes very easy with reference lists and validations etc.

Saves time – The available information, updated on a daily basis, can help work quickly without backchecking with the office. This saves substantial time in the field.

Better planning – Available information before the person begins his day’s work, enables him to plan his day better. The person knows his past performance, goals, his personal target, and achievement. And most important, the Day Plan.

Workflow planning – The App can plan the workflow for the day or during the meeting. Thus the person can focus on the achievement, rather than checking points to be completed. That work is done by the Software.

Easy order booking – With the product and related information available, one needs to only enter quantities. It can also allow discounts and promotions and quickly calculate the total value based on applicability.

Fast and Accurate data collection – with an easy form and ready reference information, data collection for sales, stock, or related work can be quickly done. The validation will ensure accuracy and ease of entry.

Monitoring Sales Force – with a mobile device, tracking the sales force for their movement, location and attendance is quick and easy for the management. And the sales team does not have to waste time filling out forms for this purpose.

Automatic and Easy Reporting – with Cloud Software that collects this data, the reports to Management are quickly available, automatically. As also reports to the Sales team with relevant Alerts.

Couple this with a Reporting Dashboard, with Analytics and you, have superior control and planning for the entire Sales Process.

In the next article, we will look at the details of some of the features.

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