Sales Force Digital Enablement: Activity1

In the earlier blog, we have seen the main features of Sales Force Enablement by using a Mobile App.

The most important part:

of the sale team’s daily activities is the Order Collection and Payment Collection. Whether they are the Sales Team of the company or their distributors. The management is keen to receive both and also track the movement and activities of the Person.

Order Booking:

There could be a fixed Route, Outlet relation with fixed Routes for each day or it can be more relaxed with flexible routes to be selected by the salesperson. The App (Sales Team Tracking Software) has to provide for all options, depending on the customer served.

Products & Order:

Selection of the products easily, display of prices and value and ease of discounts, and scheme application are the main features for this work. (You can read more about the schemes and promotions in our other blog)

Review and Alerts:

The person should be able to review and confirm the order. And once confirmed the concerned persons should receive alerts using various methods so that they are updated about the order as also make plans for delivery etc.

Payment collection:

The same above applies to payment collection also. Display of outstanding, ease of entry and proper alerts will help the Salesperson complete his task easily and in time.

Photos / Images:

The person is enabled to collect photos during the day tour, of shops, display, product placement etc. these are also available to view by the management and for further analysis.


While doing all the above work, the quick reports in the App help the person do the job most effectively. Reports about Sale, Outstanding or Focus of the management in sales. Tracking the person: While the salesperson is doing this work, the App(Sales Team Tracking Software) is quietly tracking his movement along with time so that the management can know if the route is correct and deviations in route/timetable.

Cloud Solution:

needless to mention that all this information is maintained and controlled by a strong Cloud-based Solution. All the above information is uploaded to the cloud which is processed for further action and MIS reporting. (You will find more information on this in another Blog.)

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