The HR Paradigm

Our company SAPL (Smile Automation Pvt. Ltd.), started small, many years ago, like all other startups.


With multiple projects, technologies and clients, SAPL grew. As also the team size.


I was very clear from beginning – the company will grow in team size and the team will work to deliver solutions to customers.


A team that is dedicated, technology oriented and focused on customer service.


Hence, as a CEO, my main job will be to ensure the Human Resource is motivated and engaged.


So we started developing policies around this principle.


Fortunately, I got a team of senior members, who carried the same thought forward.


They are my confident team of managers now. For more than 20 years !


Even when we were very small, we wanted to implement policies like a large corporate, to ensure that our team gets the same environment.


Like introducing provident fund very early,


or covering all employees under medical insurance beyond the normal ESIC law,


or ensuring that our salaries were above minimum-wages-act even for the trainees.


Offering excellent environment for the women employees, so that they feel safe working here;


Giving them opportunity to take responsibility and grow, and offer all benefits like fully paid maternity leave etc.


Encouraging employees to learn new technology by offering them reimbursement of the course fees.


Believing that systematic working is good for growing organization, but personal touch, beyond systems, helps it to remain human.


Allowing employees to improve and then allocate appropriate work, even change in departments, for their growth. And rewarding them on this path.


After COVID, we learnt to balance between comfort – of working from home and need – to work together as Team. Hence  followed Hybrid working policy. So that our teams get best of both worlds.


I feel I can go on telling you more about our policies; I hope our team members appreciate.


To quote from interview of one of our employees – “ SAPL is like a family!


Here is a video about HR Paradigm.

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