The 4 Biggest Challenges Faced by Field Sales Teams (and How to Solve Them with Sales Force Automation)

The life of a field sales rep is anything but static. They’re constantly on the go, juggling meetings, prospecting for new leads/orders, and closing deals. Other challenges that field force operations can face include communication, productivity, and customer relationship management.   Challenge #1: Information Overload and Inconsistency Juggling multiple spreadsheets, emails, and paper notes can quickly […]

The HR Paradigm

Our company SAPL (Smile Automation Pvt. Ltd.), started small, many years ago, like all other startups.   With multiple projects, technologies and clients, SAPL grew. As also the team size.   I was very clear from beginning – the company will grow in team size and the team will work to deliver solutions to customers. […]

Distribution Management Software: The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon for Streamlined Distribution Operations

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, efficiency reigns supreme. Managing a complex web of production, inventory, and deliveries can quickly become a logistical nightmare. This is where distribution management software (DMS) steps in as a game-changer specifically designed for manufacturers like you. Why DMS is Essential for Manufacturers Traditional methods of managing distribution often involve manual […]

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