Zylem Solution & The Doodle

Zylem is a solution for meeting all needs for Sales – Information, Analysis, Transactions, Schemes, Claims, Asset Management, and more. Currently, we are working in India and neighboring countries. However, we believe that this is a need for companies across the Globe and Zylem can meet their requirements. Our Sales team is working towards this. […]

Celebrating Patent Approval for Zylem Solution: Unleash the Power of Zylem in Secondary Sales Management

We are excited to announce that our pioneering patent for Zylem solution, an innovative Secondary sales management software, has recently been granted Patent by Indian Govt. This significant milestone underscores our commitment to revolutionizing the field of supply chain management through cutting-edge technology. As we celebrate this accomplishment, we want you to explore the remarkable […]

Sales Force Automation Software to Combat Common Sales Challenges

In today’s competitive business landscape, sales teams face numerous challenges that can hinder their success. From managing leads and contacts to tracking sales activities and forecasting, sales professionals must navigate complex processes while staying focused on driving revenue. This is where sales force automation software comes into play. By automating and streamlining essential Field sales […]

Sales Force Digital Enablement: Features

Every organization is going digital in many ways. Across departments – from Finance to Manufacturing. And the most key department is Sales. Digitization of Sales begins with the collection, collation, and analysis of Sales Data. This leads to performance analysis, setting targets, and forecasting. And then comes the digital enablement of the most important element […]

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